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I hate the BBC


Honestly, some of the best advice I ever received as a kid.

Felix ‘100% done with your shit' Dawkins.


"nah we can’t have female leads or characters of colour or gay characters or else our show will bomb"




do you ever get so frustrated with a video game that you are no longer rational and you start literally jumping into pits because maybe thats the fucking solution to this bullshit of a dungeon puzzle


Zhu Li, do the thing!


“I was the youngest in the family. I went to Israel first, and the rest of the family was supposed to join me. Nobody made it. We sent letters to each other for the first few years. The last letter I got from Poland came in 1941. It was from my mother. It asked me to send food. Then the letters stopped. I knew that the Germans had occupied Poland, and I heard rumors about the things that were happening. I never learned the specifics of what happened to my family. I never wanted to.”



I agree, anon